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Posted on 7th Jan. at 11:11 PM
"Remote control, three cars for every family,
Corruption at the expense of the simple majority.
A violent clash, a plunder of the third world,
Any wretched ploy that bolsters our economy.
I ain’t no blind supporter, I’m a conscious citizen
And I know that we’re living too far out of bounds."
Greg Graffin
Posted on 10th Jan. at 10:50 PM
"Searching for the answer’s a lonely quest
but the act is liable to bring out your best.
And then finally there’s someone to believe.
And now you have a purpose to perceive.
And you find out the baggage that you discarded,
you didn’t even need."
Posted on 21st Jan. at 11:09 PM
"Is it any wonder
Things seem so awry?
We swim in a sea of confusion,
We don’t have to think to survive
So nobody listens."
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And progress is a message that we send. 

One step closer to the future, one inch closer to the end.”

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Posted on 31st Jan. at 8:26 AM, with 1 Anmerkung
"Seeds of rebellion lay outside your front door.
If you nourish them and water them they’ll grow into a healthy “what for?”
And if revolution isn’t what’s in store, how can you care anymore?"
Greg Graffin
Posted on 1st Febr. at 9:10 PM

Would you believe in something good that’s so wrong

And have you worshiped our invention

Well I’ve paid my debt in coin and sweat with trifling hesitation

Because the road to you is paved with good intentions

Oh oh well there’s no place left to hide

Oh oh from the loneliness inside

The road to you is paved right through with bloody good intentions

And missin’ you is like kissin’


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Posted on 10th Febr. at 8:39 PM
"you never know that feeling till you try
that healing feeling can turn you all about
and you can see the second wave of life
that losers triangle sets you down and out
don’t misread
don’t mislead
you could be your only friend
but when the hammer comes down
and you don’t hear a sound
you can look all around and see…
that it’s only over when you give up."
Bad Religion
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Posted on 14th Febr. at 8:19 PM

To pierce the vein of the sacred and profane,

Poor science in service of a faith,

But who will bear the mark of Cain?”

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Posted on 4th Apr. at 7:47 PM, with 2 Anmerkungen

Bad Religion - Stranger than fiction

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