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Time and again I tell myself
I’ll stay clean tonight
But the little green wheels are following me
Oh no, not again

I’m stuck with a valuable friend
"I’m happy, hope you’re happy too"
One flash of light but no smoking pistol

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The dirt’s gonna be your dessert
My cum be your life source
And the only way to get it
Is to suck or fuck
Or be poor and devoid
And masturbate me, masturbate me
Then slurp it from your palm
Like a dry desert soaking up rain
Soaking up sun

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t. rex, monolith

And lost like a lion 
In the canyons of smoke 
Girl it’s no joke.

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Whatever happened to, twin sets
Whatever happened to, hi-fi
Whatever happened to, TV sex
Whatever happened to, you and I

Your passion is a product
(of) highlight and detail
That come hither look
Bonus offer retail

Whatever happened to, pick-up trucks
Whatever happened to, yellow pages
Whatever happened to, burning books
Whatever happened to, new ages

Your emotions are cheap
Cut price cash and carry
Your heart on your sleeve
For any Tom, Dick or Harry

Your love is a cashed-in check
Oh oh that’s the way of all flesh

Whatever happened to, Chairman Mao
Whatever happened to, God above
Whatever happened to, the cow
Whatever happened to, plug-in love

Your pasteurized life so fit for consumption
Ooh those undressing eyes so strictly commercial

Your love is a cashed-in check
Oh oh that’s the way of all flesh
All flesh
All flesh

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See my body, it’s nothing to get hung about
I’m nobody except genetic runaround

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There’s a specter in the corner of an illustrated page
And a lonesome muted stripling with a rapt remedial gaze.
The poverty of his language and the wealth of his emotion
Bring him endless murky musings and unexpected frustration
Angst and madness weave the fabric of his life.
Tomorrow might be better but right now it feels like

There’s a panther wild and proud behind the doors of a redolent cage,
And an underdeveloped intellect filled with impotent and static rage.
And don’t think you’re exempt if you earn good weekly wages,
'Cause you're neighbor's going crazy and insanity's contagious.
I know there’s so much you want to say
But your tongue gets in the way and sometimes it feels like

I know there’s so much you want to say
And the tumbrel of your mind gets in the way.
It’s the same for everybody to degrees.
We all get that foggy freeze and sometimes it feels like

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Oh no love, you’re not alone
You’re watching yourself but you’re too unfair
You got your head all tangled up
But if i could only make you care
Oh no love, you’re not alone
No matter what or who you’ve been
No matter when or where you’ve seen
All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain
You’re not alone

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And when the clothes are strewn don’t be afraid of the room
Touch the fullness of her breast. Feel the love of her caress
She will be your living end

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Mit Fußball und mit Alk
werden wir niemals alt

Mit Fußball und mit Alkohol
werden wir wieder jung

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Gimme danger little stranger
And I feel with you at ease
Gimme danger little stranger
And I feel your disease

There’s nothing in my dreams
Just some ugly memories
Kiss me like the ocean breeze

Now if you will be my lover
I will shiver insane
But you can’t be my master
I will do anything

There’s nothing left alive
But a pair of glassy eyes
Raise my feelings one more time

Find a little stranger
Find a little stranger
Say you’re gonna feel my hand

Say, gotta gimme danger, wild little stranger
Honey gonna feel my hand
Swear you gonna feel my hand
Swear you gonna feel my hand

Gimme danger…
little stranger…

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You’re way past your station
It’s useless asking you to stop
I got morbid fascination
Beat you honey till you drop

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Do you know your place 

In the big charade? 

Are you more than they? 

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The Adolescents “Kids Of The Black Hole”

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