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I’ll be your king volcano right for you again and again…

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I hate my family, hate my school, speed limits and the golden rule.
Hate people who aren’t what they seem, more than anything else, American Dream.
American Dream’s gonna swallow you whole, it’s bursting at the seam.
It’ll sweep you away, so enjoy it today, tomorrow you’ll be old thus useless.

American Dream… American Dream….
American Dream, that’s ok, ‘cause no one dare give you away.

I hate your god, I hate my job, I hate hypocrites and common slobs.
Hate people who aren’t what they seem, more than anything else, American Dream.
Promise me today I’ll have a Chevrolet, with whitewalls on the side,
One boy, one girl, comfortable lies.

The American Dream… American Dream…
American Dream, that’s ok, ‘cause no one dare give you away.
American Dream!

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In a life in which your struggle for acceptance
Is a never-ending chore,
For your actions past and present and rewarded for the ideas
Of the future’s bright open door.
The henchman
Is the human analogue of the suffering multitudes
Who like good dogs sit and lick for their reward.
So what good advice have I got for you
To insure against your likely metamorphosis into this reprobate?
Don’t be a henchman,
Stand on your laurels,
Do what no one else does and praise the good of other men
For good man’s sake.
And when everyone else in the world follows your lead
(Although a cold day in hell it will surely be)
That’s when the entire world shall live in harmony.
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There was a man who banged his head against a wall.
He banged for 20 years, the damn thing wouldn’t fall.
He left an honest life.
He left a broken wife.
He left it all behind, just to see what he could find.

Millions and millions chase the wild goose tonight.
To conquer loneliness they’ll chase it all their lives.
And when they find it they can just lay down and die.
It seems the game is mostly pointless in the presence of the prize.

There was a woman who had a man as cold as ice.
He built four walls so strong and he kept her locked inside.
She harbored loneliness,
Her husband couldn’t guess,
That she’d take off her dress,
And kill herself without a mess.

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You might not think it matters now, but what if you are wrong?

You might not think there’s any wisdom in a fucked up punk rock song.